When you have a grow farm to run, you have to deal with more talented workers and so many types there are. Where do you find them, how do you find you have the systems in place to legally and fluidly tackle the rudiments of hiring, contracting, payments and release. If so, we commend you, but if not we are here to help!


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    Gigs are jobs that are created on the platform. It has a job description, start date, end date and the pay rate…that is your ideal situational scenario and requirements for hiring the right candidate. It also has the location where work is performed, and other rules and regulations to follow. This process can be collaborative or can be done by one person.

    When a Gig is created we make sure that it is ‘live’ in short order. In other words, the gigs are available to be viewed and applied to. Candidates that are able to work and that are interested are able to complete the application process. As soon as the application is made, you are able to view all candidate applications and start to shortlisting and analyzing their skills.

    After shortlisting you can go ahead and start setting up interviews, and complete them. This task in the process can be as detailed as it can be depending on your process and comfort level and typically happens outside the platform. It’s human interaction, having conversations – so have fun with it!!

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